Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Dave Shepherd Head Boy 1964

A poor quality photo here so not easy to make out faces. Dave Shepherd is sitting as Head Boy which dates it as 1964. Peter Budge stands behind him.

Other names please ( Martin Jones - that's you ).


Martin Jones said...

1963 rather than 1964 I believe. Definitely P Budge in the back row behind Birchall and Shepherd. A bit before my time but other names mentioned in The Bourne for 1962/3 include Rasor, Gawith, Ebdon ('Legs') and Patience, and since these are names I remember, I think we can assume they were prefects in 1962/3.

A pen-portrait of Dave Shepherd (Rugby 1st XV) suggests he was a 'tearaway open-side wing-forward, a player with inexhaustible energy and guts'!

Sorry I cannot be of much help on this one.

Howard Stanley said...

With apologies to those forgotten, herewith about 90% of prefects from 1962/63-

Back Row - Left to Right:
?, Martin Pollard, Dave Coombe, Paul Rasor, Paul Gawith, Peter Budge, Joe Seaborn, Mike Reardon, Peter Sparkes, Dave Lawrence, Cameron Burridge, Malcolm Aish, Bob Smith.

Front Row - Left to Right:
Charles Patience, Peter Isaac, ? Cullen, David Andrews, Brian White, Dr Harold Birchall, David Shepherd, Arthur Jewitt, ?, ?, ‘Titch’ Bradbury, Tony Coles, David Wilson.

Best regards to all, Howard Stanley

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